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Originally from Valencia, Samuel Arguinzones has been working as a stylist in Madrid and Barcelona for more than 10 years.

He started his career in 2013 as a celebrity stylist and eventually began working as a costume stylist for cinema and advertisement in projects ranging from period pieces to contemporary and dystopian worlds.

Currently he works between Spain and Portugal, regularly collaborating with some major brands as Magnum, Adidas, Mercedes and Samsung.

While also gaining knowledge from small-budget productions, Samuel became very experienced at coming up readily with surprising and lively looks with the available resources.

With a natural keen eye for observation, he believes that anyone should ever be forced to wear something that doesn’t feel comfortable with and that the art of styling is all about understanding one’s character and creating looks that support it. Respect and detail bring everything to life.

His mission is to find that sensitive point where the vision of the project meets the personality of the cast so that they can deliver confident, natural and bold performances.

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